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Coulometric Tester


Measurement of tin coating weights 





Coulometric Testing

Advanced instrumentation for measuring tin coating weights on tinplate and TFS 

  • Easily interchangeable cells that can be maintained with the use of simple hand tools.

  • 4-way control valve for complete cell electrical isolation during testing  for improved measurement accuracy

  • Built in clean cycle can be run before each test


Advanced instrumentation for measuring tin coating weights for electrolytic tin and TFS according to ASTM Standard A630-03 and ISO 2177. The TT1 is based on the constant current, coulometric method. By controlling the diameter of the area to be stripped, and the use of a precision constant current source, the TT1 can accurately measure tin, alloy and TFS coating weights. The TT1 is designed so that both sides of the sample are tested automatically. Differential coatings can be automatically tested at different stripping currents. 

The System comes complete with all solution containers, tubing, and valves. The system also comes with a Windows based computer, monitor, ink jet printer, and custom software. The included software is user-friendly and was developed according to customer suggestions, ensuring quick operator setup and control. The software comes with a graphing package which displays the deplating curve while testing. When the test cycle is finished, all test data and graphs are displayed on the screen. Test results and graphs can then be saved and/or printed. A unique feature to the TT1 is that test data is also saved to an excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains all measurement and time arrays for secondary research evaluation.


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