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Gamma Tester


Measurement of gamma and crown of rolled steels 





Gamma and Crown Testing

Advanced instrumentation for measuring gamma and crown according to ASTM Standard A971M-10. 

  • Utilizes lasers for highly precise and accurate measurements

  • Gamma, Crown, Sample length and profile measurements

  • Test can be run before and after coating to show coating thicknesses and variances 

  • 6' and 8' table options


The GT1 Gamma Tester is a computer controlled system that performs Gamma and Crown tests in accordance to ASTM specification A971M-10.  After test data and sample are loaded, the GT1 will measure sample length and the six default gamma points on each edge of the sample. Results are shown in the Donart Electronics software for saving or sending over a network. 


The Gamma Tester program also provides the option to run a profile test.  This test will measure thickness at user selected intervals throughout the length of the sample.  The test prompts the user for a starting point from each edge, and the interval between each point to be measured.  Results are plotted in a chart as each point as measured to display a profile of the sample.  At the end of the test, the test results can be saved to an excel spreadsheet.  


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