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Interlaminar Tester


Measurement of Interlaminar Resistance of Adjacent Electrical Steels 







Interlaminar Resistance Testing

Advanced instrumentation for measuring interlaminar resistance according to ASTM A937

  • Low maintenance

  • Software automated testing

  • Resistance standards included for measurement verification

  • Pneumatic operation

  • Standard 12 month warranty (except drills)


     The model IRT1 Interlaminar Resistivity Tester is an advanced instrument for measuring the interlaminar resistance of electrically insulating coatings of adjacent electrical steels. This tester follows and conforms to all requirements in ASTM standard A937. 
    To measure an average interlaminar resistance a known area has to be defined.  This is achieved by stacking the two laminations and applying pressure using two 10cm pads. An overview of this can be seen below.

IRT Diagram.png

     Once pressure is applied to the laminations, the tester then uses two sets of drill bits for setting current and concurrently measuring voltage.  Drill bit 1 pierces the top insulation surface A, with drill bit 2 piercing the bottom insulation surface B.  This allows a constant current to flow through the defined interlaminar insulation area C.  Drill bits 3 and 4 then also pierce the top and bottom insulations respectively but they are used to measure the voltage drop across the interlaminar insulation. 
     Since the constant current is known, the voltage measurement can be used to calculate interlaminar resistance using Ohm’s law which is,  Resistance=Voltage/Current.


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