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Measurement of oil film thickness for tin plate

ASTM 623-11 





Ellipsometer Sillouette.jpg

Oil Film Thickness Measurement

Advanced instrumentation for measuring oil film thickness on tinplate

  • The new oil removal system requires no heating, resulting in no wait time prior to testing as well as no fumes or constant refilling.  

  • At only 13.5” tall, the new ES2 is almost 10 times smaller than the original Ellipsometer, allowing for more versatile placement. 

  • Controlled by a provided Windows 10 computer, the ES2 Ellipsometer allows for easy measurement aqusition and data transmission.


Our new Ellipsometer provides faster, more repeatable, and more accurate measurements over the same range of materials such as tinplate, chrome, chrome oxide and TFS (tin free steel) in gm/bb and mg/m^2.  


The ES2 is the newest model of Donart Electronics’ Ellipsometer. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the ES2 is a tenth of the size and weight of the original Ellipsometer. In addition to its smaller, more convenient size, the new ES2 is more reliable than ever before, requiring less maintenance and less setup time.

The ES2 features a new spraying solvent that requires no heating for vaporless oil removal. Requiring far less maintenace and filling, the new oil removal system will save you time and money. 

Designed for ease of use, the ES2 is controlled by a provided Windows 10 computer and the test is completely automated, only requiring the operator to insert a sample and click “start test.” Data can then be saved locally to the computer or sent over your network. 


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