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Measurement of oil film thickness for tin plate





Oil Film Thickness Measurement

Advanced instrumentation for measuring oil film thickness on tinplate

  • Uses Leksol for degreasing, a non-carcinogenic solvent with no EPA regulations

  • New hardware for automatic sample set up for each type of sample surface

  • Self relieving pressure relief valve eliminating need to relive tank pressure prior to start up


The Solid State Model ES1 Ellipsometer is a versatile precision instrument for rapid oil film measurement on tinplate, chrome oxide (tin free steel), steel, aluminum, and other metals. It utilizes a highly accurate optical system to measure film thickness through an automatic degreasing process. 

This instrument has been carefully designed to minimize operating skill and maintenance requirements. The operator places a sample in the sample chamber and depresses the start button, the the instrument will automatically obtain and display the coating weight in approximately 40 seconds. This reading remains displayed until reset when another measurement cycle is initiated. There are only two operating adjustments, which are used only when radical differences in surface condition are encountered.


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